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Polygon IP has a team of experienced professionals well suited to provide strategic counsel to clients concerning all aspects of intellectual property law. Members of our team have strong technical backgrounds and extensive legal experience that provide a deep understanding of clients’ goals and needs. Our team leverages this deep understanding to secure and protect clients’ intellectual property, as well as provide guidance for strategic growth of their intellectual property portfolios.

Vlad Gusev
Vlad focuses on patent portfolio development, IP strategy, and IP due diligence in various fields, such as batteries / fuel cells, electric vehicles, materials / semiconductors, interconnect circuits, and other tech areas.
Jeffrey Kuhn
Jeff is a computer scientist and data scientist who represents firms in a range of technologies, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, systems architecture, and computer vision.
Liyan Zhu
Liyan has a broad spectrum of experience in fields as diverse as automotive, aerospace, enterprise software, hydrocarbon extraction, image processing, payment processing, and telecommunications.
Nirav Thakor
Nirav is a former electrical and biomedical engineer who focuses on programmable logic devices, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems and standards, cloud computing systems, database systems, SaaS platforms, security and validation systems, and mobile communications technologies.
Jason Stotter
patent agent
Jason is a patent agent and chemist with broad experience in chemical sensors, material deposition, ceramic materials, fluoropolymers, and electrochemical devices including fuel cells, electrowinners, and chemical synthesis units.
Dana Nguyen
Director of Business operations
Dana has over 10 years of experience in executive people operations in SF Bay Area tech startups such as Casetext, Location Labs, Jawbone, and hi5 Networks. In her professional experience, she has scaled companies from 50 to 200+, and managed leadership teams through exit events.
Amber Lundy
Director of IP services
Amber has over a decade of experience assisting clients and attorneys in building and maintaining intellectual property assets around the world. Clients she has assisted include Salesforce, Boeing, and the University of California.